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The question has been raised about who are you... well I live in Kelowna, a very cool place to live. I drive an old jacked 98 TJ jeep, I like country music, and my heart is conservative, oh yah, and I'm an old guy so I should know a thing or two. I am self publishing this game, which has been a thread throughout my life. Its always been there on the back burner, and has evolved over time.  I am so thrilled that these platforms, like shopify, have brought distribution down to the little people. 

The reason I want your email is to develope a collection of players for a tournament. Optomistically, the first Big Board Raiders Championship of the World. We would need 16 or 64 players for a tournament.If you were to indicate your city, it would help to find pockets of interest for related activities. If there is enough interest we will do it when there is enough players interested in attending. Of course its here in Rutland where we have May days, on the may 24th weekend, a holiday.  We might even scratch up some prizes. More on that later at website.

Also, our web page, is for people to go to before or after the acquisition, to (download or just read) a pdf of the complete rules set about playing, which you can have in exchange for your contact info so we can build a communittee of players. As well there are videos that are intended to get you play fast, then you can study the rules to become an expert.

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