The Game Of Corporate Finance

MONEY has period value there is TIME~5 turns equals a year

Players start as a "peone with money" using a BID or an ASK to:


SELL common shares SHORT and COVER.

Trade BONDS CONVERTIBLE to common shares.

Convert COMMON to PREFERRED shares.

BUY DEBENTURES (junk bonds).

ACCUMULATE SHARES to claim DIRECTORSHIPS in the companies.

create an INCOME STREAM of DIVIDENDS, INTEREST and director SALARIES for yearend paydays.

trade PUT and CALL options and pick up RIGHTS OFFERINGS.

And generally RIP and TEAR from the Market.

  • A game set up for 4 players

    A game setup for 4 players


    These are all the share Certificates and Bonds

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    Above is the currency of a country called RUTLAND. There is a stock exchange, where 4 junior companies trade.

  • These are all the differect pieces used in the game, do not lose any of them, they all have a prupose.


    These are all the (one-of) different play pieces used in the game. DO NOT lose any of them, they all have a function. The rings represent directorships in their company and are woren on a player's pawn to show what a bigshot you are..

    And please be careful with them, small children could see them as candy, be aware of the choking hazard.

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